Wednesday, October 3, 2012

BAM Toolboxes - Quick Deployment for your Scenario

I have written BAM toolboxes, which is an installable archive in WSO2 BAM. This provides you a quick deployment of your scenario in WSO2 BAM in few seconds.

WSO2 BAM has importantly three components,

      1. Receiving Data/Events and Storage
        - This is the main interface which BAM interacts with other servers. That is you can use WSO2 servers/ any third part servers/application and send the events/data to BAM. I'll include how you can send events to BAM in a separate article.
      2. Analytics
        - This component analyzes the data that is received in part-1, and produces some useful information out of your data. Apache Hive and hadoop are used in this segment to analyze the big data and scale according to the requirement.
      3. Presentation
        There are attractive dashboards, gadgets, reports can be produced in this segment out of the data you have summarized in step-2.

In reality during the testing stage, you might be writing your own customized artifacts in all three above components. The toolbox provides you the flexibility of combining all three as a single artifact and install in WSO2 BAM, such that all the components as mentioned above can come in to the BAM within few seconds, rather manually setting up the environment in production setup.

And also WSO2 BAM will be continuously releasing new toolboxes which includes different use cases such that you can just install that in WSO2 BAM and try out.

You can see how you can install the toolboxes in WSO2 BAM in

And also you can find how you can create your own toolbox in,

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