Friday, April 27, 2012

I'm in WSO2..

Soon after I complete B.Sc in Engineering in UoM, I joined WSO2 in December 1st 2011 as a Software Engineer. A next major chapter unfolds in my life from WSO2. It's really wonderful company to work in Sri Lanka. I was assigned to work in BAM(Business Activity Monitoring) which is one of the most expected product in WSO2. I'll write a separate post about WSO2 BAM soon.

WSO2 is a Open source Company, ie, all WSO2 products are 100% open source and released under Apache Licence Version 2.0. It's the only company which provides the complete open source middleware platform. Fully cloud-native, the WSO2 middleware platform is also the only open source platform-as-a-service for private, public and hybrid cloud deployments available today. WSO2 has nearly 15 different kind of products such as WSO2 BAM (Business Activity Monitoring), WSO2 ESB(Enterprise Service Bus), WSO2 IS (Identity Server), WSO2 DSS (Data Services Server), etc which can provide complete solution to enterprise applications. And the count of products doubles to 30 with PaaS (Platform as a Service), ie all WSO2 products are available in WSO2 Stratos. You can visit to WSO2 from and contact via for any queries.

WSO2 uses SOA (Service oriented Architecture) throughout it's platform. The WSO2 Carbon, is the core of all WSO2 products. Each products are composed it's respective features. And by installing the respective features of the product on top of carbon will give a new product. And the all products and platform consists of totally independent components where as it can be installed and uninstalled independently. This is achieved through OSGI (Open Services Gateway Initiative) framework. I'll write a separate post on how you can work with OSGI framework.

WSO2 gives me an opportunity to work with lots of products and technologies. From the day one in WSO2, I'm coming across new things and learning continuously. I'm sure WSO2 is going to a big turning point in my life time!!


First of all I would like to welcome to my blog post.. :-)

I would like to share about my thoughts and learnings in my career path.

I'm Sinthuja Rajendran from Sri Lanka. I started my schooling in C/Ramanathan Hindu Ladies' College. Those days are the golden memories of my life time. I was selected to University of Moratuwa after my A/L's. Then again after the Level-1 exams, I selected the Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering as my preferred field. And also I was able to complete the BCS (British Computer Society) Professional examinations. And now I have passed out from the university with 1st class and working in WSO2 as a Software Engineer.

I feel it's a great pleasure to study in UoM. I will proudly say my university life has moulded me to face this competitive world with lots of confidence, it helped me to identify my potential and what I should improve. And also UoM gave me the chance to get in to the world of competition with different kind of people and now it's my turn to show my capabilities and climb up in the career ladder, hope I'll succeed.

In my blog I'm going to post new things I learn, about the things that I have already learned and feel important to share and the my own ideas and thoughts. Hope my blog posts will interesting and help you.

Keep on sharing your comments to my posts! :-)